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10 Best VLOG Drone Videos

Aerial picture of a golf resort

A video blog, more commonly known as a vlog, is a type of blog content created entirely in video format. Most vlog posts consist of creating a video of yourself during a typical day. Celebrities and influencers use vlogs to give unique content to their fans and followers.

While taking you through their typical day, sports professionals and entertainment celebrities take the aid of unique camera angles and some of the best toys for photography. In this article we focus on 10 of the best VLOG drone videos and take you through an exhilarating journey of video blogs captured through drones.

1.     VLOG Through a DJI Mavic Air Drone

This video is shot through a DJI Mavic Air Drone and gives you a perspective into the life of a YouTuber from India. The footageis mesmerizing and adds to the overall information captured and shown within this VLOG.

2.     Becca Watson VLOG

Becca Watson is pretty and had a DJI Mavic Mini Drone to flaunt her drone vlogging experience. This video takes you through a daily vlog in the life of YouTuber Becca Watson including tests of her new drone. We love some of the shots in it.

3.     IJustine Through a Drone

iJustine is one of the most famous YouTubers today and routinely takes the aid of drone cameras to shoot her vlogs. This particular vlog takes you through the influencer’s everyday routine along with mesmerizing results from her GoPro and drone camera.

4.     Vlogging in the Fiji Islands

Fiji Islands are known to mankind for their mesmerizing views and scenic water. This YouTube channel by the name of Two-Travelers takes you through the islands from the perspective of a young and beautiful couple. We love the romance here and are in awe of the beauty that Fiji has to offer.

5.     A 4-Minute Vacation

Vacations don’t get shorter and better than this. This YouTube channel by the name of Wolves takes you through a 4 minute vacation across South Africa, Mauritius and LA. The drone footage captured here is a work of art, truly.

6.     Kritika Goel Vlogging

Kritika Goel is a famous YouTube vlogger in India and has plenty of fascinating videos from North East India for locals and international travelers to see. This video of hers takes you through all the things you can do in Gangtok.

7.     Coolum Beach Drone Vlog

Coolum Beach is one of the more fascinating spots across Sunshine Coast in Australia. This vlog video by YouTubers Daneger and Stacey takes you through the sights and sounds of the beach along with scenic footage captured through an amazing drone.

8.     Epic German Castles

Germany is ranked among the world’s best spots for tourists with a penchant for visiting historic sites. This vlog by German channel WAY AWAY takes you through the enchanting presence of castles in Germany and how they look through a drone.

9. Capri Island, Italy

Tourists heading to Italy can head down to Capri Island and see the majestic beauty of the coral rocks and sea water for themselves. This vlog perfectly captures the beauty of this island.

10. Road Tripping Through Western Canada

Road trips are always fun to film, especially if you are going through an area as beautiful as Western Canada. This vlog takes you through drone footage of a road trip by YouTuber Julia Graf. You will definitely love some of the picturesque details here.

Vlogging has come a long way as famous YouTubers and celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon recently as well. It is now a pastime for a number of people online. Enjoy these amazing vlog drone videos and awaken the vlogger within you.


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