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10 Awesome Extreme Sports Drone Videos

Surfing across the setting sun

Extreme sports have always been hard to film. Camera crews have found it hard to keep up with the intricacies of the sports and even if there was coverage of such sports, it was always limited to the bare minimum.

In came drones and changed the way broadcasters film extreme sports and the way viewers watch them. Viewers now get to see the intricate challenges of these sports and the risks performers take to come to the top.

In this article we take you through 10 of the best extreme sports drone videos. Go through these awesome videos and see how drones have entirely changed the viewing experience.

1. Compilation of Drone Videos

This compilation video carries drone videos of extreme sports from across the globe. Be it surfing, paragliding or any other extreme sport, this video has it all. 

2. Behind the Scenes Vlog

This behind the scenes vlog takes you through the experience of filming extreme sports. Not only do you see the end footage, but you also get to see the effort that went into filming this video.

3. Following Extreme Car Races

There are a number of car races and competitions that are too extreme to be broadcasted on mainstream media. This drone footage covers one such event with plenty of drifting and cutting involved.

4. Action Sports in One Video

This year-end compilation from a prominent drone photographer takes you through videos of action sports. We love the end result and how this compilation includes a wide variety of sports.

5. Drifting and Turning

There are not many videos online that take you through as much excitement and fun as this video of cars racing against each other. Shot through first person view, this video makes you feel like a part of the pact as the cars drift and cut each other.

6. People Are Awesome Video

This people are awesome video takes you through a compilation of footages where humans ace complicated challenges in extreme sports. The video is definitely worth your watch.

7. Biking Through a Rough Trail

While this video is primarily meant to be an advert for the AirDog drone camera, we love the way it captures and follows Aaron Chase across a tough biking trail. The raw footage is enjoying to watch and quite chilling at times.

8. Drone Parkour

Parkour videos sure can be challenging to watch. This drone video takes one step ahead to show you the full parkour experience from above. This drone footage is also a category winner from the New York Film Festival.

9. Extreme Snowboarding

Snowboarding is one of the more extreme sports being played by humans today. Not only do players require expert precision, but they also need exceptional balance without losing their footing. This drone video takes you through a rough snowboarding experience full of power riding and turns.

10. Crazy Motocross

FPV racing drones and extreme sports really are a match made in heaven. This motocross sports event is filmed in an even better manner with an FPV racing drone. We love the distinct detail and the pumping adrenaline one gets with this video.

Since cameramen and crew members consider extreme sports to be too risky, drones offer the best solutions. These videos act as the perfect advert for the potential drone cameras have here.


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