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10 Cool New Motorcycle Drone Videos

Motorcycle near sunset

Motorsports have reached new heights. With drone cameras, broadcasters and tech aficionados can capture all the twists and turns in a manner most viewers want to see. Although at home, you will feel like you’re in the middle of the track itself, thanks to the capabilities of drone cameras.

1. Your Guide to Capturing the Perfect Footage

While this video is, in actuality, a how-to guide for shooting some mesmerizing videos of motorcycles through your drone camera, we believe that some of the views on display here are amazing. The cinematic examples of the perfect shot will blow you away.

2. A Travel Blog with Bikes and Cameras

While this video might be more of a travel blog, our protagonist rides a bike and carries a drone. The shots in this video have all been captured through a drone, and the ones, including the bike, are amazing.

3. Speed and Perfection

What’s the one thing that people love about motorcycles? Speed! This video offers drone captures of a motorbike whizzing through the tricky turns of a mountainside.

4. Through the Lens of a Rider

This amazing drone video shot with a DJI Mavic Pro follows motorcyclists on their regular journeys. This drone video gives an amazing inside scoop into what a rider sees when they ride through the streets.

5. The Yamaha R6 Through a Drone

The Yamaha R6 is a pure work of art. The amazing motorbike has an aesthetic look and offers a brilliant design. What we love about this video is how the DJI Mavic Pro captures the Yamaha R6 to create perfection.

6. Dirt Bike Edition

Drones and dirt bikes make an amazing combination, which is why this video of a drone chasing a dirt bike is a hit with many people. We love it when the dirt bike leaves specks of dirt on the drone behind it.

7. Drone vs. Motorcycle

We all know just how fast motorcycles can be, and we also know just how amazing drones can be at capturing fast-moving objects. This video captures a race between a motorcycle and a drone at full speed.

8. Filmed With Flying Cameras

This FlyRide captures the perfect experience of drones flying around to capture a motorcycle in motion. What we like about this video is that the entire shot is captured through flying cameras with bushes surrounding the bike.

9. North Vietnam Motorcycle Tour

This amazing video of the North Vietnam Motorcycle tour captures all the brilliant sights and sounds of the country, along with the motorcycles whizzing around the natural and scenic beauty.

10. Harley Through a Drone

Harley Davidsons are known for their exquisite design and amazing built. This amazing Harley Davidson video captures the bike as it strolls around the streets. Shot in Illinois, the neighborhood looks wonderful.

Motorcycles have always been a delight to look at, but drones have elevated the experience to new levels. Enjoy these cool videos and save the fun for later.


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