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10 Drone Videos Featuring Trains

Steam engine powering through lush fields

Fans of trains and the rail network just love seeing videos of the gigantic vehicles buzzing past natural sceneries and landscapes. And what better way to capture this moment than through a flying drone camera?

We look at some amazing drone videos featuring trains in this article and give you a chance to admire the true beauty of the rail network in a manner unparalleled.

1. Through Trains, Bridges and Mountains

This amazing drone video takes you through trains, bridges, rapids, sunsets, and mountains. Capturing all the intricacies of nature, you can’t help but admire the train powering through the railroads.

2. Trains Through a DJI Mavic Pro

The DJI Mavic Pro adds 4K results to this amazing footage of a train heading through different landscapes. We love how amazing this train looks in its entirety.

3. Bird Eye View of a Pakistani Train

Pakistan has one of the oldest railroad networks globally, which is why this birds-eye view of a Pakistani train will take you back in time.

4. Rare Footage of Two Trains Over and Under Each Other

This amazing drone footage captures rare footage of two trains over and under each other. Both the trains cut each other in half by intersecting the bridge at the same time.

5. Aesthetic View of Trains

Believe it or not, but trains do look aesthetic when they are shot from an aerial angle. The trains in this video look remarkable shot through an aerial angle.

6. Train in a Desert

Surrounded by the silence around it, there is nothing more captivating than a train in the desert. This astounding video captures a train powering through dunes and a desert environment.

7. Drone Chasing a Train

Drones can be fast and rapid. This video of a drone chasing a BNSF Grain Train gives you a scoop into a race between drones and trains. Both the competitors are fast, and the drone captures the train in its entirety across the journey.

8. The Union Pacific Train

The Union Pacific Train travels through the Feather River Canyon, and this drone footage captures the train through specifically that part of the journey. The train looks wonderful, draped on all corners with the wonders of nature.

9. Steam Mountain Railway

There is nothing better than a steam engine powering upwards a mountain, surrounded by the natural green and beauty of nature. This video captures the heritage steam engine of the Snowdon Mountain Railway.

10. Trains in New Zealand

We all know just how beautiful New Zealand is with all the green hills, the streams, the lakes, and lush valleys. This video captures the TranzAlpine passenger train of Kiwirails makes its way across the wonders of nature in the country.

Trains travel through some of the most natural and beautiful landscapes of the globe. And while these videos capture trains on their journey, the surrounding landscape is worth a look as well.


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